LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — This week, the Lafayette Consolidated Government will be voting to regulate Airbnbs and possibly ban them all together in single family residential homes.

Recently, some Lafayette residents have voiced their concerns saying that they feel unsafe with the constant flow of people going in and out of nearby Airbnb locations.

Mike Bass is an organizer from the Lafayette Tourism Lodging Association. Bass says that the Airbnb community is fine with the regulation, however, LCG’s proposed regulation would cut off more than half of the city.

Bass said, “It would ban all short-term rentals in all RS1 neighborhoods which is like 75% percent of the city, so we are against that. So, it’s like treating your arm, then cutting it off.”

Bass thinks that the community can move past this and explained this sentiment in his letter to the Mayor-President. Bass went on to say, “People want to stay in neighborhoods. They want to live like a local. We coexist with hotels. Some want to stay in hotels. Some want to stay in private homes. We would like to see some civic organizations get involved like Lafayette Travel or chamber of commerce to make sure we have their input, because this is an economic issue.”

Those in favor of keeping short term rentals safe in Lafayette say that they are hoping community is what is kept in mind.

Brittney Fortenberry is a housekeeper with Airbnb and she said, “It really is a huge hub for people to come and visit. It is such a beautiful area in a beautiful state, and so hoping that the council makes a wise decision and that this event opens their hearts, and opens their minds. The guests that we get to interact with are really wonderful people that love to stay in these beautiful houses. “

This Tuesday night, the Lafayette City Council is voting on these ordinances. The meeting begins at 6 p.m.