LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Lafayette police say the shooting downtown Sunday morning does not fit the mass shooting category and Sgt. Robin Green says that’s because it does not appear that the event was pre-planned.

UL Lafayette Criminal Justice Master Instructor Paula Broussard says a mass shooting “is typically the killing of four or more people in a specific time frame, without a without a cooling off period.”

She explains there’s usually some type of social, economic, or political goal involved.  

“Typically, a mass shooting is something that is planned out and they have a purpose.  They’re trying to get a message across: whether that message is they’ve been harmed, or they want revenge against the people,” she stated.

According to Broussard’s instructor bio, her research experience includes terrorism, serial crimes, ethics, and handgun issues.

“Rival gangs will often kill more than two people at a time but there is no purpose.  There is no goal or message involved.”

Furthermore, Broussard says a mass shooting is a title that’s actually been created outside of law enforcement.

“It was a title that was created by the press and picked up by the media.  It’s used in television and in movies, but from the police standpoint very seldom will they call a shooting, a mass shooting unless it’s a situation like in Las Vegas where somebody just started shooting up a concert or a theater.”

On Monday, the LPD released a statement regarding Sunday morning’s shooting: 

“The police department wants the community to know that this was not a mass shooting.  We have no evidence to indicate this, or that this was a pre-planned event.”

The identified suspect, Carl Thompson, 40 of New Iberia is listed in critical condition.