LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) In wake of the shooting threat at Acadiana High, some in the community want to know how prepared emergency responders are.  On Tuesday, KLFY heard from law enforcement. Today, we hear from officials at Acadian Ambulance.

Aaron Webb, a physician assistant with Acadian Ambulance explains that they treat an emergency call as just that an emergency.  

“Every call that’s for an active shooter is considered real until proven otherwise.”

He said every employee who responds is preparing for any number and type of patients who will need care. Also, he said, they have to consider what kind and how much of their resources will be needed.

“Always re-adjusting that as more information comes in whether that’s from the scene or from somebody who is calling in and giving more information.”

He said Acadian Ambulance stands by in what’s called the “cold zone,” an area away from the scene that’s considered safe with no direct threat.

“The scene where there is an active shooter or direct threat is considered the “hot zone” and we do not go into that. That is for law enforcement to pull patients from.”

Another focus, he says, is to have enough people to put in place.  

“We’ll have on standby as many assets as necessary.  Whether that’s five ambulances and two helicopters or ten or twenty it depends on what the situation calls for,” Webb explained.