LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A former motel that sat abandoned and condemned along the Southeast Evangeline Thruway is being torn down.  

Manager of Compliance for the Lafayette Consolidated Government, Kathy Trahan, explains it’s time for the structures to be cleared out.

Trahan tells News 10 the property owners have been contacted about the demolition.

“We worked with the owners of that property to get that property torn down and we are happy to see that in progress,” said Trahan.

Among the debris people unsheltered, found shelter or a place to live.

Today the deteriorated building is considered a community eyesore, a hardship to economic development, and a liability to public safety.

“It’s come to the point to where it would be better for the neighborhood for the structures to be cleared, the property to be cleared, so that it can potentially be put back into commerce,” Trahan said.

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