LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — You’re never too young or too old to face your fears. Just ask Mabel Malveaux and Langston Ashley. Malveaux is 85 and just now learning how to swim, with 10-year-old Ashley’s help.

While there is a first for everything, Malveaux said one of her firsts came later than expected. “Never in my 85 years have I ever gotten into a pool.”

Malveaux said she hadn’t planned on enrolling in the Destiny Swim Camp until she met the swim instructor.

“I said well ma’am I’m 85 years old and I’m blind. I have never done this before. She says don’t worry I will never leave,” Malveaux explained.

Two weeks into the camp, the instructor has kept her promise.

Malveaux said she enjoys the help from her instructor. However, she said she’s most inspired by her junior lifeguard, Langston Ashley, who is only 10 years old.

“He leads me in that water,” Malveaux said. “I think about what Jesus said, ‘The child will lead you.'”

Langston said he was nervous at first. “Whenever I started lifeguarding, I was scared. I understand now that if I don’t help her she won’t get the full experience.”

Malveaux said she doesn’t know what’s next, but she’s ready for the journey.

“My children say ‘What’s next? You’re probably going to go sky diving,’ but then said no, my doctors won’t let me do that.”