UPDATE, 9/28/22, 12:00 P.M.: According to Lafayette Juvenile Detention Home Director, Mason Jack safety improvements to the detention home will include: replacing the doors to the rooms to prevent barricading, secured sliding doors will be installed, all cameras will be replaced and the control room board.

Jack explains that the project will be open for bidding by contractors on October 31, 2022.

ORIGINAL, 9/26/22, 9:53 P.M.: LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The Lafayette Consolidated Government has agreed to spend about $5M on a site for the city’s detention facility, the first step in building a new one.

The project, funded by LCG, is about to go out for bids.  

It’s been nearly a year since its approval by the Lafayette Parish Councils and Mayor-President Josh Guillory.

LCG Chief Communications Officer Jamie Angelle says there was some work to be done regarding assessing the needs and design of the project.

In November, 2021 an ordinance for safety improvements to the detention home was read to the parish council for a vote.

“By decreasing council reserves, in fund 651 American Rescue Plan, 21 parish fund in the amount of $2 million dollars.”

Through a Freedom of Information Request, KLFY has learned the project has not yet gone out to bid.

Angelle says safety improvements include a new intercom system for the detention home.

He says bidding is a process used by local government to allow vendors to compete for a project based on cost and the work to be done.

There are few specifics about the kind of building that will replace the current detention facility.

KLFY is waiting to receive information on the date the bidding process will begin.