LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– At least two people were killed, and 6 others injured in weekend shootings in Lafayette. The ages of the deceased victims range from juvenile to 22.

Lafayette Police say they are investigating both shootings.

The first happened Saturday morning near Simcoe Street.

An investigation has revealed that the shooting followed an altercation.

“So, the shooting that occurred Saturday morning, it stemmed from a physical altercation that occurred in the Simcoe Street area, and as a result of this, one person died, and one other person was severely wounded,” Lafayette Police Spokesperson Sgt. Robin Green confirmed.

Raylon Mason, 22 was killed, she said.

On Sunday morning, shortly after 3 a.m. a second person was killed, and five others were injured in a shooting on the corner of University Avenue and West Congress Street.

Sgt. Green says as of now, detectives do not believe the shootings were related or involve gang activity.

“So, at this time, we have no information or any evidence to suggest these two shooting are linked together. As far as any gang affiliations, that information has not been provided.”

She says due to the age of the individuals involved in Sunday’s shooting, identities have not been released but families have been notified.

One person who lives in the area says they heard multiple rounds of gunfire.

“I heard about 9 gunshots; they were really rapid and fast and really loud. We never had issues here like that so it was scary being so close to the house, fearing that the bullets can come inside the house.”

They say the area near congress and university is safe which is why the shooting came as a shock.

“I feel like it’s safe, I’ve always felt safe here. It’s mostly students, and everybody gets along, so it was really surprising and scary that something like that happened.”