DUSON, La (KLFY) Two people died and two others were taken to a hospital after suspected overdoses, likely fentanyl, in Duson.

Police Chief Kip Judice said officers had to administer two doses of Narcan to one of the people who overdosed, the second person was taken to the hospital by a family member.

By the time officers went to administer Narcan to two other victims, it was too late, Judice said.

“Here in our community, we have seen four overdoses in two weeks. Two of them have resulted in deaths, and both of those individuals were found far too late to revive them. the other two people that overdosed are still in the hospital but are expected to make a full recovery.

Judice says the rapid increase of overdoses in the area is due to fentanyl being found in drugs being used, mostly illegal but in other forms as well.

“We’re seeing it in every type of drug. We’re seeing it in ecstasy, in ADHD medication. We’re seeing it in methamphetamine, illegal marijuana, the illicit marijuana. It is in every form of illegal drugs or form of drug we can imagine.”

He believes the lack of education is a huge issue when it comes to overdosing on fentanyl and says people need to know that exposure to the drug is deadly and a person can overdose within seconds of coming into contact with it.

“There is a huge issue out there right now with the lack of education and I think what most people need to understand is that one pill can kill. We watch people that are one hundred percent functional to zero percent functional in less than two or three seconds.”

He says in addition to warning people about fentanyl, his department is actively taking measures to discourage the use by arresting individuals who have fentanyl in their possession.

“We are currently actively working several cases, and we are expecting some arrest warrants in the next day or so. And we will be bringing those people to jail and have them face the fentanyl charge.”