Lafayette Parish School board pulls money from rainy day fund


For the first time in more than a decade, the Lafayette Parish School board dipped into its rainy day fund.

Superintendent Dr. Don Aguillard says the withdrwas is to get students out of portable buildings and into permanent structures. Dr. Aguillard says there are schools designed for 350 students that have close to 700 students. 

Just recently, Woodvale Elementary announced the addition of a new wing and the removal of temporary classrooms. “It’s a benefit to the students because those who are having class in a temporary building are at a disadvantage compared to students in the main buildings,” principal Monique Vidos added.

LPSS Chief Financial Officer Billy Guidry says that’s the first time in the 12 years since he’s been with the district the fund has been used.  

Aguillard stresses that decision points to the urgency of getting rid of portable classrooms.

“I give kudos to the school board they have been able to put together all the available revenue at this point and have embarked on trying to address in particular portable buildings on elementary campuses,” Aguillard said.

According to LPSS, after the $11 million dollars the school district is left with $55 million in savings. That’s enough to cover 2.5 months of expenditures as recommended by auditors.

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