The Lafayette Parish School Board may push back the start first day of school next year. The board has asked each schools staff to come up with some start date options.

The school administrator for LPSS says one option includes starting the school year after Labor Day on September 3, 2019 instead of August 7, 2019.

Currently, Lafayette Parish school staff get a week-off for Easter and Thanksgiving and two for Christmas.

Those days could be cut short to compensate for days lost. 

Opinions on the topic vary. “Even if it is extended the time they are in school, that will be okay,” says Ibony Jackson of Lafayette.

Theresa Richard owner of Bain Amour Bath & Body home schools her children. Richard supports starting school after Labor Day. “I think it’s kind of silly to put them in school and then let them off for Labor Day.  If they went back after Labor Day, then it probably would be easier,” says Richard.

A mother of children who once attended school in Lafayette Parish agrees later could be better.

“It doesn’t make sense to start it and then have a holiday and have to go back,” says Jean Broussard.

LPSS says regardless of when the school year starts the state’s accountability calendar won’t change.

Normally, state testing begins in April. For every week delayed equals less instruction time prior to testing.  

“If you look at other cultures, though they go to school year-round. We need to become competitive,” says Sue Jordan of Alexandria.

Plus, starting the school year later could mean the last day of school being moved to sometime in June.