Lafayette neighborhood demands action against crime


Shots rang out this morning in the St. Antoine Gardens subdivision causing a house to be hit in the crossfire.

This is the second time this house has been shot at in the past five days; now neighbors are speaking out about the violence.

One community member, who wished to remain anonymous, says people need to step up and take responsibility, “It’s time for the parents to step up and keep the guns out of kids’ hands. You know, because [they’ve got to] be getting it from somewhere.”

And concerned neighbor, Christopher Gobert says they need to work not just with each other, but with police as well. 

He says that by speaking out, police will be able to find those responsible and diminish crime in the neighborhood, “Call the cops. If you see something going on, call the cops. If you don’t call the cops, guess what, you’re a victim just like them.”

Lafayette Police have taken steps to provide more safety; they’ve placed a crime suppression surveillance vehicle in the subdivision to try and catch the suspects on camera.

Residents, however, say that’s not enough; they’d like to see more patrolling and even suggested the neighborhood form a crime watch group.

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