LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Petty Officer 2nd Class Daron Nelson is a Lafayette native who now serves in the U.S. Navy as part of the nation’s nuclear deterrence mission at Strategic Communications Wing One. Nelson is part of the “Take Charge and Move Out” mission which provides airborne communication links to nuclear missile units under U.S. command.

Nelson graduated from Pebblebrook High School in Georgia and joined the Navy one year later. He remembers walking through Naval Aircraft Candidate School as one of his proudest moments.

The Navy command consists of a Wing staff, the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training, and three Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadrons: The “Ironmen” of VQ 3, the “Shadows” of VQ 4 and the “Roughnecks” of VQ 7. Nelson serves as a naval aircrewman with VQ 7.

He says he went to the Navy to better himself and eventually pursue a college degree. Nelson says his childhood in Lafayette gave him some of the skills necessary to succeed in the Navy.

“What I learned most growing up is not to give up on things you have started,” said Nelson. “It is important to me that once I start something, I finish it.”