An actress playing in the new feature film, ‘Vice,’ is from right here in the hub city. Camille James Harman, better known as Camelle Meaux here in Lafayette, said she is now at the peak of her acting career. After landing a huge role in the movie Vice, she shows how it’s never too late to pursue a dream. 

“Acting is something you can do for a lifetime.. and maybe, I’m just getting started,” said Harman. 

Harman attended St. Thomas Moore Catholic High School, USL and the University of New Orleans in Louisiana. She said she had a  late start to her acting here. Her interest in performing arts first peaked in 1987 while at the Lafayette Community Theatre. 

“I actually started doing props for a play. Then, I was watching the actors from backstage and thought I can do that,” she said. With several auditions and traveling from state to state over the past few years, Harman described the acting journey as a labor of love. 

 “Usually it’s having jobs to support your career and need to be flexible,” she added. 
Harman took a 10-year break from acting to raise her family. After moving back to California for the third time, she finally got her big break. 

 “All of a sudden, I’m in the room with Christian Bale, Steve Carell.. all of these amazing actors,” said Harman as she describes her time on the set of the new movie. 

The role she was casted in Vice is Mary Matalin. The film is directed by Adam Mckay. “Mary Matalin was a very powerful woman. She was the counselor to the Vice President so she knew how to speak her mind,” said Harman. 

It’s a character she felt connected with through life experiences. She believes the performing arts industry is a forever evolving field and that it doesn’t matter where someone is from or raised, there are many opportunities available. 

“”The internet has changed things. whole casting world is so different now. You can be casted, living in Lafayette and there’s a lot of filming in Louisiana,” she added. 

Vice features major life events, like 911,  while George W. H. Bush and Dick Cheney was in office. It is currently in the movie theaters and nominated for six Golden Globes.