(KLFY)- Lafayette NAACP President Marja Broussard is speaking out against proposed changes by mayor-president elect Josh Guillory for the Lafayette Police Department.

Guillory intends to fire current chief toby Agulliard — in order to improve the police department with stronger leadership.

Guillory has asked the chief to resign or be fired.

Aguillard has said he will not resign, and if fired, he plans to appeal to the civil service board.

Broussard says, “We are concerned about the mayor’s declaration where he wants to move the department in a different direction. We declare our support for the current top brass and the progress made in the department during their short tenure of leadership.”

The group points to several improvements made over the last few years…including …the high rate of solving murder cases, equipping officers with body cams, creating a street-level drug unit, and increasing the school resource officer program.

The group says Mayor-President elect Guillory does not have their best interest in mind and a change right now would erase the progress already made between police and the African American community.

President CCBE, Takuna El Shabazz adds, “We see this as a regression, based on the decisions that are proposed to be made. We finally had a footing in terms of dealing on a far and open basis with someone from the police department who took our concerns in the community seriously.”