Lafayette mother speaks out after constant bullying leads middle school girl to attempt suicide


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A Lafayette woman says constant bullying at her daughter’s elementary school led her daughter to attempt suicide.

“As a mother, it’s very very upsetting because my daughter could have not been here right now,” she said.

The woman, who is choosing to stay anonymous to protect her daughter, says the bullying began a few years ago when her daughter was in fifth grade. She says her daughter first started being bullied by her classmates about the way she dressed. Over time, the bullying got worse. Her daughter wasn’t even out of middle school yet when she began contemplating suicide.

“She was looking for a getaway,” the child’s mother said. “She was looking to get out of the pain to stop.”

Her mother says she did everything she could at home to keep those dark thoughts from eating away at her daughter.

“That’s one of the worst things. A mother’s nightmare would be to bury their child or have a tragedy with their kids,” she told News 10.

At school, however, she couldn’t be there to protect her daughter every day.

“I know my daughter is not the first, and she probably will not be the last, but at the end of the day, I really think that one life taken from bullying is unacceptable,” she said.

She hopes by speaking out and sharing her story, maybe one life could be saved.

“All of y’all are all precious. Y’all are all here for a reason, and you never let nobody steal your joy, and you never let nobody to cause you to want to take your life,” she added.

The Lafayatte suicide hotline is (337) 232-HELP (232-4357).

Below are resources for those looking struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts:

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