LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A Lafayette mother reports someone attempted to abduct her child from Girard Park.

Lafayette police wouldn’t comment on the alleged incident but offered safety advice.

The Facebook of Lauren Nichole states that a man tried to lure away her 3-year-old son.

Nichole explains her 11-year-old niece sounded the alarm and the man fled and Nichole called the police.

“Never let your guard down. I let my guard down for five minutes to finish eating.  I was about 30 feet away and I felt comfortable with my 11-year-old-niece taking him on the play-set.  It was also a fenced-in playground and that gave me a false sense of security,” Nichole stated.

Now she wants other parents to know what happened to her and to be safe.

She says the buddy system of pairing up her older niece and son is what helped prevent a potential nightmare.

“I’m normally walking and following my son every step of the way.  The one time I didn’t, I almost lost him.  I’m so lucky that we were using the buddy system and that’s something every parent should do,” Nichole added.

According to the Lafayette Police Department, talking to children about strangers is extremely important. The LPD says having a safety plan when out in public and the basics on how to avoid and escape potentially dangerous encounters with children can aid in their awareness.Here are a few tips for children and parents:

  • Parents should always make sure children know their full name, address, phone number and parents’ name
  • Avoid having children wear clothing, backpacks, or bags with their name on it; children tend to trust someone who knows their name
  • Always have a plan if your child gets lost in public place; they should know who they should approach
  • Children should know how to use 911
  • Children should never accept candy, toys, pets, or any items from a stranger
  • Children should run away and make as much noise or scream “help” to draw attention if a stranger tries to force them into a vehicle or follows them
  • Children should never answer personal questions from a stranger
  • Children should never try to “help” a stranger; adults they don’t know should not ask them for help to do anything