LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) After protestors stormed their way into the U.S. Capital Wednesday, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory has released a statement calling the incident ‘disappointing’ and ‘disturbing.’

The incident, which occurred during the Electoral College certification of Joe Biden as the next President of the United States, overwhelmed Capitol Police who evacuated members of Congress as the violence escalated.

Below is Guillory’s full statement:

The peaceful transfer of power is at the core of our Republic. In circumstances like these, heated rhetoric from any quarter is not helpful. Neither is the hysteria of the media, flaming the fears of the country. When the heat of the moment passes, we will find out who did what, when and why. Until then, we should keep calm and pray for our nation.

The individuals responsible for inciting violence inside the US Capitol will ultimately be identified, apprehended and brought to Justice. Now, with the National Guard, the Secret Service and FBI deployed, the situation is firmly under control.

Today’s acts of violence are disappointing and disturbing, but we will prevail. Even though there is a strong divide in political opinion in our country, Congress will promptly do its duty and the new Administration will be sworn in on January 20th like always.

Our country is far stronger and more resilient than being portrayed by the media in this moment of instability. There have been numerous times in our nation’s history when political differences deeply divided us and even in some cases led to violence. Our nation always responds, recovers and comes back stronger. #OneNation#GodBlessAmerica