LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) As some Lafayette businesses across Acadiana are gearing up for soft reopens, the Catholic churches in the area are making preparations for their return as well.

The Lafayette Diocese says they are building task forces to safely bring their congregations back together when the time comes to reopen.

Communications Director Blue Rolfes says “We wanna have the doors open as soon as possible, but once again we want to make sure that everyone is protected because the last thing we want is to find ourselves a few months down the road having to go through all of this again, if we haven’t flattened the curve.”

The Diocese recently announced two different task forces to protect their congregations.

Rolfes says “The virus task force keeps up with all of the directives from Governor John Bel Edwards office, as well as from the mayors from various communities. The second task force’s duties is to figure out multiple strategies for each restriction.”

She continued, “Exactly what that would look like, how it would work and how we would handle the reopening, keeping in mind of the directives from the state and the government office as well as the health and safety for all of our parishioners and priests as well.”

They already have an idea of how to control the number of people in church at a time.

Instead of having mass every Sunday, they will have mass everyday.

She says, “Instead of 900 people wanting to show up on Sunday, we have a couple everyday of the week and that way everyone will have the opportunity to receive holy communion but we will still be in line with the guidelines and the directives.”

Rolfes encourages those who are most vulnerable to stay at home when churches are allowed to reopen because protecting everyone’s health is the main goal.

Mariah Hester, KLFY News 10