Lafayette Consolidated Government will discuss city-parish split proposal at council meeting


The Lafayette City-Parish Council will consider a proposal Tuesday, July 10 to abolish itself and replace the nine-member legislative body with separate five-member councils.

Separate five-member councils, one for the city of Lafayette, the other for the entire parish, is the proposal going before the city-parish council. If approved, Lafayette residents will have their own city council for the first time in 22 years.

The proposal would place Lafayette Utilities System and LUS Communications under the city council’s exclusive control. It will allow the parish council to focus on parish-wide issues, such as drainage.

The city council would decide how taxes are spent and allow the city council to decide issues concerning the city and police departments.

 Mayor-president Joel Roubideaux spoke with News 10 when the proposal was initially introduced.  “Conceptually, I think it’s smart and it’s worth looking into. If we can figure out a way to make it work where it’s beneficial to the city, it works for the consolidated piece of government, then it’s a good path to go down,” he said.

It is required for the proposal to be presented at today’s council meeting in order to make the December eighth ballot. It will take the vote of six out of nine council members to call an election. If approved, another election will have to take place in the Fall of 2019 to choose new council members.

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