Portions of Lafayette could see an increase in sales tax. It’s an idea the Lafayette Consolidated Council will discuss this week. A special tax based on location is often called a ‘TIF.’

Lafayette calls it a taxing jurisdiction. Lafayette parish has 14 such areas. One is the shopping center on Louisiana Avenue near I-10.

Shoppers there pay an extra tax to help support projects such as drainage, infrastructure and other services. Tory Hebert has no problem with the general concept as long as the tax money is used as directed.

“If it’s allocated to bettering those specific things I wouldn’t have too much a problem with it.”

The proposal calls for creating a taxing jurisdiction or economic development district downtown. One councilman says a special tax there will help especially with drainage improvements.

Another would be located along the Evangeline Thruway near Pinhook. It’s to be called the Trappey Economic Development District.
“I feel like we pay enough taxes already,” says a resident.

If approved, another location would be within the boundaries of Ambassador, Johnston, Acadiana Mall Drive and Guidry Road. It would be the Acadiana Mall Economic Development District. “We’re paying higher taxes as it is now,” says Hailey Guidry.

Two are proposed for within the northside of Lafayette. One will be called the Northway Economic Development District and the other The Holy Rosary Institute Economic District. “Like I said they don’t manage the money we give them very well,” says a resident.

The council will not need to go to voters to create such areas because they’re located in commerical districts not residential.