Lafayette business owner who faced criticism over sign on front door says he’s “not a racist”


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) A Lafayette business owner accused of being racist wants to explain his position after a sign posted on the door of Coin and Treasure on West Congress Street read:
“Coin and Treasure proudly refuses admittance to any Chinese Communist Mofo”

Owner Louis Pizzolatto says he has received over 100 calls about the sign.

Pizzolatto says the sign takes a stand against a government that he explains treats people with disregard.

He says he is not a racist.

“I’m the racist? I would beg to differ.  I’m trying to express my opinion on how these people have treated everybody.

Pizzolatto says the sign that was in the window of his store for about 10 to 12 months, had nothing to do with Asians nor did it mention the word.

“Nowhere does it mention anything at all and never did for that matter about Asian.  It does mention are two key words Chinese Communist.  That’s the whole just of this thing,” Pizzolatto said.

He says he would call himself anti-political against a system he says that mistreats people based on race, religion to sexual orientation.

“I didn’t want people’s feelings to get hurt about it. I wanted to kick the Chinese Communist Party in the teeth, but I didn’t want anybody’s feelings to get hurt,” he explained.

Pizzolatto says he has an open-door policy. What he takes issue with are people who treat others inhumanely.

“I don’t care if you’re black and I don’t care if you’re white.  I don’t’ care if you’re a yellow-skinned person. It does not matter to me at all.  What matterS is that I want everybody treated the same.”

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