LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Horace Benoit is a well loved surgical tech at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital who also served two years in the Army. Benoit told News Ten his commitment to the battlefield and the hospital has earned him the respect of many.

For 55 years, Benoit has served the community, putting a smile on the faces of his colleagues and hospital guests. He is known for singing songs and being an overall good man to work with. His 55 year career began straight out of high school in 1967 in the Dietary Department. In 1968, he was drafted to the military.

“The first six months were very quiet. The last six months we fought 27/7,” he said, ” It was 112 guys in the batoon and it was only 12 of us standing in the morning.”

Determined to make it back home, Benoit served his way up to Lieutenant, surpassing vets who had served much longer. When presented with an opportunity to be a Sergeant, he decided it was time to come home. Our Lady of Lourdes had a job waiting for him.

“They told me to just pick a floor and I just chose the Urology department.”

Similar to when he served in the military, Benoit worked his way through the ranks of Our Lady of Lourdes. Now, he is spending the time he has left before retirement in the OR as a Surgical K-STEC.

Benoit plans to retire soon to spend time with his wife and grandkids.

“It’s all going to work out in the long run I do believe,” he says about his approaching departure for the hospital.