The Lafayette Police Department has reported that the annual homicide rate for Lafayette has decreased by 50% since last year. The homicide rate since 2015 has fluctuated year by year but 2018 will go down as the lowest in the past three years. 

The following rates were reported for the pas few years as follows:

2015: 20 homicides

2016: 16 homicides

2017: 24 homicides

2018: 12 homicides

The Lafayette City Police Chief Toby Aguillard says “I really believe that much of our success is attributed to the public” he continues by stating that “People are letting us know things now more than ever….people are stepping up and saying ‘I’m tired of the violence’ and I think it’s working.”

One 2018 homicide case remains open; the case of Kevin Calais, who was shot and killed on September first. Anyone that has information concerning this case should call Lafayette Crime Stoppers at 232-TIPS.