The Krewe of Chic-a-la-Pie gears up for its annual Mardi Gras parade in Downtown Kaplan Tuesday, March 5th at 2 p.m.

“The organization was started by a group of woman over a cup of coffee. It was started to symbolize charity and to bring back old-time Mardi Gras to Kaplan,” said Krewe President Donna Adams Lagne. 

“Usually, we try to get themes that are geared to the children. Because, this is entertainment for the children,” she added. 

The Krewe takes pride in it’s family-friendly old-fashioned Mardi Gras festivities. This year, the group is celebrating 65 years of its existence. Disney characters are also incorporated in the theme this year to get people of all ages involved in the community. 

“We have people from all over that make it into Kaplan for Mardi Gras. It’s good to see some old friends. New friends,” said Kaplan Mayor Mike Kloesel. 

The 2019 Royalty Court includes Queen Jambalaya 65 Renee Hargrave Duhon,1st Maid Dana Bourque,  1st Duke Paul Bourque, 2nd Maid Ramona Thibodaux, 2nd Duke Matt Landry, Flower Girl Donna Sanchez, Page Ritchie Sanchez, Captain Brodney Mouton, Co-captain Mary Mouton, Jester Tawana Vaughan, and Jester Kyle Harrington. 

“We love coming out and showing the kids a great time and spending time with family. Enjoying a good faith-field day,” said Queen Jambalaya 65 Renee Hargrave Duhon. 

The parade rolls down Cushing Blvd at 2 p.m.