For 80 years, Kinchen Funeral Home has served as a staple in the community. It’s a business that began with a passion to help any and everyone lay their loved ones to rest gracefully.  

It was opened in November of 1938 on 210 Delord Road in Lafayette by Enrica Singleton’s parents. “It’s important to us that we’ve been a part of the community for so long and we’ve been able to stay in business and grow as a business so we can be more relevant as time goes on,” said Singleton. 

The dream for the founders, Ernest and Edna Kinchen was to treat everyone equally, regardless of financial abilities. We’ve tried to maintain that compassionate, sympathetic, concern for the people of the community that we’ve been serving,” said Eric Singleton. 

Eric Singleton took on the job as owner for his grandparents, keeping the legacy alive. “My mother has been a high achiever in her life. My uncle is a high achiever. Dr. Kinchen is a high achiever. So, I’ve got this pressure to do well,” he said. 

Inspired by his family, he continues to give a hand to those in need. “Just been involved in the community in all areas, just to make the place a better place,” he added. 

As the industry evolves, the family is celebrating success. “We’re always bending and moving and shaking in ways that’ll help people get through these moments,” said Singleton. 

His proud mom is looking forward to the future of the home. “He has his own initiative to continue what was started,” she said. 

The 80th year celebration is taking place Friday, November 30th at Progressive Baptist Church. Koryn Hawthorne is performing. It begins at 7:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public.