KAPLAN, La. (KLFY) – The city of Kaplan has a new police chief.

Joshua Hardy defeated JoAnn Hargrave Housden and Ediberto Flores in Saturday’s election.

He says that he will use his experience that he’s gained from working in other law enforcement departments to transition to this new role. 

“Excitement, to be able to now give back to the community,” said Hardy.

He’s worked in the Kaplan Police Department before, as well as the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office, and the Maurice Police Department.

“Through learning from the chiefs that I’ve worked for, the sheriff, I believe we can bring that to Kaplan, and make it a better town, make it a better police department for the community,” said Hardy.

He’s set to replace embattled Police Chief Boyd Adams, who was arrested for felony theft and malfeasance charges in 2017. 

Hardy says that won’t happen on his watch.

“We will definitely not try to handle any monies inside the police department. We’ll take a different route, if we have to give the money to city hall, we’ll make sure it’s given to a bank account that they know about,” said Hardy.

Besides filling vacant positions, Hardy says he would also like to give his officers additional training.

“Get into the neighborhoods more where they’re having crime, grants to get better equipment to the officers for which they can give back to the community,” said Hardy.

But most importantly…

“I promise y’all to bring back professionalism, loyalty and respect, and all that back to the police department. To where they can provide a better service for the community, for the future, for our kids and everyone,” said Hardy.

Hardy’s first day in office, will be July 1.