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Kaplan city officials working to improve drainage and sewer issues


Kaplan city crews were busy installing a second sewer pump this week. 

This is just one of the ways the city is working to improve drainage and sewer issues. 

“We’ve started on that on the drainage program… cleaning our culverts, cleaning our ditches, and we’re moving forward with that,” says Mayor Mike Kloesel. 

The Mayor says moving forward with the drainage project involves working closely with state officials. 

“We have a meeting actually tomorrow with the State of Louisiana and they’re going to do a smoke test throughout our system that will help us identify problem areas,” explains Mayor Kloesel. “They’re going to do the whole town that will take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.” 

The City of Kaplan will then be required by the state to take action on those problem areas. 

Mayor Kloesel says, “What we can do is identify the problem areas and get them fixed as well as we can to where we’re doing everything we can as a town to make sure that our citizens stay dry in their homes.” 

Kaplan’s sewer and electrical departments installed a second sewer pump Wednesday night. It’s the main sewer pump out of the four total that pumps to the sewer plant outside of town. This is one of the ways the city is working to improve the drainage and sewerage issues. 

News 10 reports, “On your standpoint, what’s the reaction from residents around here concerning it?” 

 “People are excited about it. People know that we’ve got to move forward with this. It’s not something that we can let go another 10 or 12 or 15 years,” explains Mayor Kloesel. 

On rainy days like today, the city says over four million gallons of water will flow through the sewer plant outside of town.

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