Juvenile caught with New Iberia man’s stolen handgun


IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY)- Stolen firearms can cause real problems in communities. They can be sold to anyone, at any age on the streets.

Police told Brent Viator that is what happened with his gun.

“I don’t want to be shot with my own pistol. Every time I see something on TV with a firearm involved, I’m thinking it’s being done with my little pistol,” Viator said.

Viator was letting an old friend who was trying to get back on his feet sleep on his couch one night.

“Next thing I know I catch him smoking meth in the back yard, so I put him out.”

Viator dropped him off at Burger King.

“I went home, started looking in my house. He stole two of my pistols.”

Viator did not know where either of his guns were until police made an arrest.

“They caught a juvenile with it on another domestic violence with the pistol,” Viator said.

Police told Viator the minor purchased the gun on the streets.

“He sold that pistol for $40. That’s a 45-caliber semi-automatic and a 22 Ruger that’s still out there.”

There is a heavy penalty for illegal possession of a firearm: anywhere from one to ten years in jail.

Penalties for illegal possession of a handgun by a juvenile include fines of up to $1,000 and up to five years in prison with hard labor.

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