It was a special day in New Iberia over the weekend, as an elderly couple found love at an assisted living facility.

Family and friends gathered to witness the newly weds tie the knot Sunday afternoon.

Lionel Uzé, 83, and Evangeline Romero, 78, met at Garden View Assisted Living in New Iberia.

Uzé moved into the home with the plan to stay only 42 days but quickly changed his mind. 

He said, “Two weeks in, I sold the house and the car and decided to stay.”

The couple  met in July when Uzé asked Romero for a dance. 

Uzé  said, “I asked for a dance, after I had already danced with all the ladies that would dance down there. She got up and let me dance with her, that was really the big start of it.”

Both Romero and Uzé were not expecting to fall in love again after becoming widowed.  

Romero said, “He’s meant to be.”

The newly weds say they’re excited to be alive and well together as they take life one day at a time.