LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) A judge will allow officials to release police body camera video of the shooting of Trayford Pellerin, but with restrictions.

Pellerin was shot by Lafayette Police outside a convenience store last month. Police say he was carrying a knife.

News Ten’s Renee Allen was in the courtroom Tuesday when the decision was made.

The motion filed in 15th Judicial District Court in Lafayette reads that the attorney’s representing the Lafayette Police Department and the three involved officers agreed to jointly dismiss the temporary restraining order for injunctive relief without prejudice.

The attorney’s representing the Pellrin family say the motion to dismiss the restraining order may allow the family to get some answers.

“Once we’re able to process what happened to Trayford, then at that point we’ll pivot and move forward,” Pellerin family attorney Chase Trichell said.

Officials can now release the body camera footage with restrictions and without the identity of the officers.

Attorney Trichell says the mayor-president was willing to let the family see the footage but the police union intervened with the restraining order.

“Pressure was put on them and they dismissed. It’s a massive victory not just for the Pellerin’s but for the community,” Trischell said.

Pellerin family attorney Dedrick Moore says the victory offers the family some explanations about Trayford’s death.

“All the information that we’re entitled too, we feel we would have got it anyway,” attorney Moore noted.

Protesters outside the courthouse for several hours celebrated the court victory.

“Right now, it’s about giving a mother and father the opportunity to grieve their child without this cloud of disfunction and not understanding why their child had to lose their life,” Moore stated.

Full interview below with two attorney’s representing the Pellerin family, who explain the TRO (temporary restraining order) dismissal and what it means: