JENNINGS, La (KLFY) Free music isn’t the only entertainment Jennings has to offer.

Visual and fine arts is also making its mark in this city.

The Zigler Arts Museum has a host of paintings, sculptures, and fine art displaying the heart of Louisiana culture.

Located in historic downtown Jennings and founded by Ruth and Fred Zigler in 1970, the Ziglar Arts Museum allows the Jennings community to experience fine art.

Celia Joe Black, president of the board, says it has evolved over the years to represent Louisiana and its artist.

“Over the years, the mission statements changed a bit. We’ve gone from a lot of European art, very, very valuable pieces in our collection. But now we’re focusing as much as we can in 2023 on Louisiana art and artists. We’re trying to be more diverse. We’re trying to be more inclusive.”

Black says the museum is proud to boast artwork from artist such as William Tolliver, Elton Louviere, and Clementine Hunter. She says focusing on local artist and trying to get children involved is a rewarding experience for her.

“The museum makes me so proud, I’m very proud of the art but even more the opportunities that we’re giving people in Jennings. We’re in a rural community that doesn’t have a lot of culture, but this enables the children and the adults an opportunity to see something that they might see in Houston or a larger city.”

Black says the museum has so much to offer with four exhibits each year showcasing local artist every ten to twelve weeks, and inspiring the love and appreciation of Louisiana culture through art.

The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am until 4pm with free admission.