JEFF DAVIS PARISH, La (KLFY) – Since 2020, some areas in Jeff Davis Parish are still damaged after being hit by hurricanes. Areas such as Jennings, Welsh, and Lake Arthur are still recovering from the damage of Hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Ida.

Some residents are still recovering from the damage done by the hurricanes. “A lot of people are still actually trying to rebuild, we still have tarps on roofs,” stated resident.

Because of the damage to homes and businesses, the Office of Emergency Preparedness Director, Tim McKnight, encourages people living in Jeff Davis Parish to get a preparation plan together.

He said information on how to put a plan together can be found online. “The website you can go to is where you can check this and make a plan so that you can refer to that plan.”

McKnight said in addition to resources on the website, his office is continuing to prepare for storms in the future by working to review current plans and making adjustments. “We’re trying to better our Office of Emergency Preparedness by trying to grow it and get a better game plan,” McKnight stated.

With hurricane season in effect, Jeff Davis Parish wants to ensure citizens are prepared for any storm.