JENNINGS, La (KLFY) A powerful storm system swept across Jeff Davis Parish late Tuesday leaving in its wake downed trees, flooded roadways, power outages and some minor damage.

In areas such as Touchet Road some large tree limbs were knocked down and blown in the street.

Danny Crochet with the Jeff Davis Parish police jury was out cut up trees and clearing up the road.

He says when he got the call about trees blown over and blocking the street so he rushed to the scene to clear the area so cars could pass.

“When I got here there were trees across the road and the bigger part was into the ditch. The smaller branches were up onto the road and not enough room for them to pass. I’m cutting the smaller stuff off the road so nobody would run into it and putting cones so they can be safe on the road. As far as this right here (debris) we are going to come with heavy equipment tomorrow morning and within 40 minutes we will have this all cleaned out. ”