ELTON, La. (KLFY) — The heat is not the only thing residents in the Town of Elton are having to deal with this summer.

Beginning July 1, all households and businesses will see the price of water increase from $16 to $27 and for sewerage the increase will be from $5 to $10.

“Everything is going up, so I think people are adjusting to the increase in prices.”

The water price increase will reverse the deficit from wastewater treatment and is projected to improve sustainability in Elton.

However, residents are sharing their concerns about saying those on a fixed income and how the increase affects their monthly budget.

“I would like for it to stay more at a reasonable cost for those who are low income and those who are trying their very best to make it day to day,” a local resident said.

“I would think that they would try to work and help the elderly people in the community. We pay enough a it is and there are a lot of people in this town that are struggling with the economy today.”

Residents will see the new increase starting August 1, 2022.