JEFF DAVIS PARISH, La. (KLFY) A property owner in the town of Elton claims that some voters are using addresses where they do not live when registering to vote.

Those concerns have caused the Secretary of State to launch an investigation into possible voter fraud in Jeff Davis Parish.

Wilson Ballou lives in Elton and says he’s been hearing about possible voter fraud in the area.

“I’m deeply concerned about it. It’s something that affects all of us, and if something’s going to be done about it, let’s do it.”

The Louisiana Secretary of State’s office has confirmed that they are investigating the allegations and are taking the matter very seriously.

A representative tells News 10 that due to a pending investigation they cannot make a comment, but that they are in the beginning stages of reviewing the complaint which launched.

They also tell us the Jeff Davis Registrar of Voters would be the responsible party to confirm if a voter lives at a residence or not.

Kayleigh Lafosse, another person living in Elton says when hearing about voter fraud, it raises questions about who’s in office.

“I would say that if there was an issue with that, that we would question who go in the office fairly.”

In an attempt to confirm if voters reside at the address they have registered, letters have been sent to several voters with a deadline to respond in twenty-one days.

Town attorney Mike Holmes released a statement: Read it below.

The Town of Elton learned Tuesday May 3, 2023 through media reports the Secretary of State, in coordination with the Jefferson Davis Parish Registrar of Voters, is conducting an inquiry into allegations of registration irregularities of several voters in Elton. As reported in the media, the inquiry stems from concerns expressed by a person who is neither registered to vote in the Town of Elton or the Parish of Jefferson Davis. The town is not privy to the specific allegations except as set forth in media reports nor does the town have any role in the conducting the inquiry. Moreover, the town has no role in the voter registration process. That said, the town expects the responsible agencies will conduct a thorough inquiry into this matter in accordance with the duties incumbent upon them under the law. Town of Elton supports all efforts to ensure the integrity of its municipal elections.”