WELSH, La. (KLFY) — Jeff Davis Parish parents and students want to un-mask their schools. Many say they’re angry after voicing their concerns to the school board Thursday night.

They say they were asking the board to vote on whether or not their schools should have to follow the governor’s mask mandate, however, the school board didn’t vote.

“They chose to not go with a vote and said to us basically that is doesn’t matter because if it mattered, they would have either told us no or yes. They just acted like it didn’t matter at all,” one parent said.

“My wife is going to be homeschooling my children from now on. Our children are sad. They’re depressed. They need to be able to see the faces who’s teaching them and the other children in the class. It’s ridiculous,” another added.

“What is this [masks] doing in school besides depriving our children?” another parents asked.

Parents weren’t alone in their battle.

Several children voiced their concerns too, saying they feel segregated when they’re put in a classroom alone all day when they don’t or can’t wear a mask.

“You say felt segregated. We were segregated,” an 8th grader in Jeff Davis Parish said.

“I think it makes me feel mad and sad at the same time because some people have to stay in the library away from their friends,” another younger child added.

“I don’t want to wear a mask because I don’t want to be segregated. So it’s hard for me to wear a mask, and I’m really sad they didn’t make it optional for a vote,” another student told News Ten.

The students also say being forced to wear masks is forcing them to make hard decisions.

“I want to play sports, okay? I want an education. I don’t want anything to go against my record,” a student said in tears.

The Jeff Davis Parish school board says they can only decide if the students should be able to wear a mask or not whenever there is not a mask mandate in order from the governor.

They say right now there is a state mask mandate in place, however, so they say this is out of their hands.