JENNINGS, La (KLFY)– Two buildings with the Jesus Worship Center in Jennings recently experienced vandalism some may consider to be disrespectful and obscene.

On the buildings were remnants of red spray paint that was used to vandalize the Jesus Worship Center with what appeared to be satanic symbols and obscene phrases.

“We noticed it was still wet outside and the paint hadn’t cured quite yet, so we were able to scratch it off and then power wash it and get it off the building,” Clifton Lejune, pastor of the Jesus Worship Center, said. “But that became a rallying cry for our church.”

Lejune said the north and south locations were vandalized with symbols and phrases contrary to the Christian faith. He said surveillance footage shows the first location, which is where services are held, was targeted Friday around 3:30 a.m., and the second location, which is used as a youth and multipurpose center, was targeted three days later.

An upside-down pentagram, cross and inappropriate phrases were spray painted on the building’s walls and front step. He said the outpouring of support he is seeing since the locations were vandalized is encouraging.

“It did not discourage,” Lejune said. “All it did was embolden the people. We feel like what has happened is a physical manifestation of a spiritual battle that’s taken place.”

Lejune said the night before the church was spray painted, he asked a question in his bible study class about a building being vandalized.

“The analogy was to the class I said, ‘What if you drive up to the church this Sunday and someone had spray painted all over the walls?'” he said.

Lejune said although some people might think it’s a coincidence, he doesn’t think so.

“Well, that exact analogy was used and fulfilled within 24 hours of me saying that,” Lejune said. “So again, there’s no way that there’s a coincidence. And I don’t believe that the people that did this heard me say this and then came and did this.”

Instead, Lejune said he would like to see whoever did this get helped if they need it. He said although law enforcement is involved, he doesn’t want to see them in jail, and he doesn’t want to them to do this again.

“If it’s up to me, just don’t do this again, stop it. I don’t care,”Lejune said.