WELSH, La (KLFY) — An electrical malfunction caused a fire in the home of Kristi and Terrence Guillory where their family of nine lived. As the fire damaged the inside and injured their dog, the Guillory’s are trying to salvage whatever they can, and make sense of their new reality.

Welsh Fire Chief John Hall told KLFY News 10 that it was as an electrical panel malfunction that caused a fire to break out in one of the bedrooms.

“We recognized it was by the electrical panel. Two to three rooms were heavily damaged with fire plus a hallway.”

At the time, only one person was in the home asleep as smoke filled the house. Disabled veteran Terrence Guillory went by the home to check on his mother when he noticed the door knob was hot. He was able to wake his mother and get her out of the house.

Colby Perry, a family friend, was at the home when firefighters arrived. He said that “smoke was in the house so we kind of go to analyze and the house was full of black smoke.”

Perry also told News 10 that the Guillory’s lost everything and is need of clothes and shoes. Since they did not have insurance, they are having a difficult time starting over.

Currently, The Guillory’s are staying at the home of a family friend until they are back on their feet.

 “You know we do live in a small town where people are very generous and people come together. And hopefully they can get this family some help and some resources. “

If you would like to donate, visit their GoFundMe, or if you have clothes and shoes you would like to donate, items can be dropped off at the Ninety One Gas station in Welsh.