JEANVERETTE, La. (KLFY)- A woman is accusing a Jeanerette police officer of blackmailing her for sex and money after a traffic stop.

She says the officer told her she wouldn’t be arrested if she had sex with him and paid him.

The woman, who we are identifying as “Claire”, says on June 19, she and a friend were stopped by two Jeanerette police officers because their headlight was out.

Claire says the officers discovered they had a controlled substance in the car.

“We were both handcuffed. I was taken by the male officer. She was taken by the female officer,” Claire said.

Claire says that’s when the stop took a turn.

“He asked if there was something you could do to get out of this and not go to jail. I thought he meant setting up a dope dealer or something like that. Later on, I found out that’s not what he wanted,” she told News 10.

Claire’s friend, a passenger in the car, told News 10 she went home with the other officer. Claire was taken back to the police station.

She says she waited in handcuffs at the station, yet there was never any paperwork or a formal arrest.

“When he was finished with whatever he was doing, he uncuffed me, told me to go out the back door, go to my car- it was in the parking lot- to drive around the corner and he would be standing and waiting there,” Claire said.

She did, she said.

“I still wasn’t for sure what he wanted, but then he told me to proceed to take him to my home,” she said.

Claire says that week is when the blackmailing began.

“He texted, ‘Are you up?’ and I knew what he wanted,” she said. “I had to go along with what he wanted because he held that over my head of I’ll have you a warrant and have you arrested for it at any time. Then a few days go by and he’s asking for money.”

She says after weeks of this sexual and financial abuse, she’s now saying enough is enough.

“If he’s doing it to a grown woman, he’s going to do it to kids. Who’s to say he hasn’t done it a hundred times already? And nobody would stand up. That’s not fair. They’re supposed to protect us, not abuse us,” Claire told News 10.

Since the alleged incident, the two police officers have resigned, and the Jeanerette Police Department has started an investigation.

Police Chief Dusty Vallow tells News 10 he is aware of the text messages between the woman and the officer, but he feels they do not support the woman’s allegations.

News 10 also asked about body camera footage during the stop. Chief Vallow tells us the footage was cutting in and out and is unusable in his investigation.