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JDPSO taking extra steps to monitor registered sex offenders


JEFF DAVIS PARISH, La. (KLFY)- Officials with the JDPSO tell News 10 that they go the extra mile to ensure that the public is safe from sex offenders.

According to the Louisiana Criminal Code, there’s three different types of sex offenders.
They’re divided into tiers. Each sex offender is placed under a tier based on their crime and has to follow different guidelines according to their tier.

In Louisiana, Tier 1 sex offenses can range from a crime against nature to stalking someone who’s under 18. “Once a year, [Tier 1 offenders] come in and report to the deputies what their current address, vehicle, and employment is. If in that year there are any changes, they have three days to report it. But they have to come in annually,” explains Chief Deputy Chris Ivey.
Tier 2 includes offenses ranging from molestation of a juvenile or a person with a physical or mental disability, to computer aided solicitation of a minor. They report to officials every six months and have three days to notify of changes.
Offenders on Tier 3, which is the highest tier possible, can be placed there for crimes such as forcible rape, or human trafficking.

“[Tier 3 offenders] have to report quarterly. Every three months. And the same applies for them. If they have any changes they have to notify deputies within three days.”

But Ivey says the scheduled check-ins aren’t enough. That’s why every month deputies go to each sex offender’s address to ensure none of their information has changed and they are, in fact, still living where they say.
“It lets them know that we’re watching them and hopefully in the future it helps that we don’t have any other victims of a sexual crime involving any of these registered sex offenders,” says the Chief Deputy.

According to JDPSO’s online sex offender registry, there are over 100 sex offenders in the parish. Twenty eight of those registered offenders are Tier 3 offenders.

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