(KLFY)- UL Lafayette students return to campus Monday for the start of the fall semester, but the Coronavirus guidelines and regulations in place on campus have changed over the summer.

The University’s administration stresses new policies put in place are for the safety of everyone on campus.

Madi Conrad is 19-years-old and has been fully vaccinated since March.

According to the Louisiana Department of Health, her age group is one of the lowest vaccinated in the state but for Madi, she hopes to change that as she and other UL students start a new school year.

“People get wrapped up in the internet and what’s online. I think people just need more education about what is in the vaccine. It is not that scary. It will do more good than harm,” Conrad adds.

Madi now wears the hat of a student leader.

All month, she’s been talking with and educating others about the importance of a COVID-19 vaccine.

She tells News Ten the vaccine is the way back to normal life.

“I know for myself and others, we struggle with online classes. We are face to face learners. Another reason I got vaccinated is to get back to face to face classes,” explains Conrad.

UL policy will require all students, guests, faculty and staff to mask up while on campus.

Vaccines are strongly encouraged but won’t be required until fully FDA approved.

Conrad continues, “We have incentives on campus like the 100 dollars for a shot campaign. However, we are still not as high as we want to be.”

Madi says she did not hesitate to roll up her sleeves.

The Junior Psychology major lives off campus and says she thought about her family and others who might be exposed.

Conrad explains, “It protects myself and others. I have a little sister who is immunocompromised that I still live with. I did it to protect her.”

All UL students return to campus Monday with classes and activities mostly back to normal.

Conrad says she will continue her advocacy about the vaccines and encourages others to speak up and ask questions about any hesitations they still have.

“I have had only one normal semester and I am about to be a Junior. Incoming Freshman and even Freshman who came in from last year don’t know college without COVID,” says Conrad.

Breakdown of UL Lafayette’s COVID-19 Rules and Regulations.