(Zoosiana Press Release)

BROUSSARD, La. Zoosiana proudly announces the exciting birth of a female giraffe calf named

Experienced mom, Evangeline, gave birth to Millie on Sunday morning, September 20, 2020.
Millie stands a little taller than 5 feet and weighs about 130 pounds!

Millie’s parents, Evangeline and Gabriel, and big sister, Josie, are all doing great and are each helping Millie along.

Evangeline is a wonderful mother and is tending to all of Millie’s needs: nursing her, teaching her to
walk, and keeping her cozy at night!

The adult giraffes eat specialized blends of pelleted feed and alfalfa hay, while Millie will drink milk exclusively for the first few months of her life.

Millie is named in honor and celebration of the late Melinda Mangham. Mrs. Mangham, who passed
away earlier this year, was a long-time educator in Acadiana and impacted the lives of countless students and families.

Mrs. Mangham was a close friend of Zoosiana and absolutely loved the giraffe family.

Mrs. Mangham’s spirit was powerful, yet gentle, and we hope Millie’s presence in Acadiana grows to
be so impactful, as well.

“Millie helps to represent, using a phrase Mrs. Mangham often used, ‘all things wise and wonderful,
bright and beautiful,’” says Zoosiana’s Matt Oldenburg.

As a young giraffe, Millie naps frequently in her barn, but ventures outside several times a day!
Zoosiana’s growing giraffe family needs your help! More giraffes require more room, so Zoosiana has dedicated a pasture habitat to move the giraffes into a bigger, greener space. The area on the north side of the zoo needs a new barn to accommodate the giraffe family and future calves.

We need your help to make this dream a reality! In addition to coming to meet adorable Millie, please contribute to our “Giraffe Center Fund” at www.zoosiana.com/giraffes today.

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