Favorable remarks, completion of classes listed among Phillip DeWoody’s early release from prison


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Phillip Dewoody was considered a second-class offender. He was convicted of armed robbery, simple burglary, armed robbery two counts, aggravated escape, second-degree kidnapping.

He was originally supposed to be serving a 117-year sentence, according to court records.

“I have remorse for the crimes that I’ve done and my victims that I’ve done these crimes to,” he said during the hearing.

After serving only 26 years, however, the Louisiana Parole Board released Dewoody on parole, but why?

“There is some opposition. All law enforcement are opposed to your early release.”

News 10 reached out to the Louisiana Parole Board and asked why the opposition from law enforcement didn’t stop the board from granting DeWoody parole.

Executive Director Francis Abbott responded.

He said many law enforcement agencies “have a policy to oppose parole for offenders.”

In this audio recording from Dewoody’s parole hearing in June of 2019, a parole board member tells Dewoody his victims’ also opposed his release.

“You also have victim opposition, once again, that’s been expressed.”

After this statement, there was no more discussion of the victims’ opposition.

When News 10 asked why DeWoody’s victim opposition wasn’t taken into consideration, the board replied: “Soliciting the victim’s participation is required by law and is encouraged for all hearings. Victim opposition was certainly considered.”

Finally, News 10 asked what factors led the parole board to believe Dewoody had been rehabilitated. The board said it boiled down to the programs Dewoody completed while incarcerated.

“DeWoody completed a number of certified treatment and rehabilitative programs.” He received his high school GED and a certification in carpentry from Louisiana Technical College. He also completed a substance abuse class and anger management.”

The board also said DeWoody hadn’t had a disciplinary report since and had favorable remarks from a warden at his housing facility.

For these reasons, DeWoody was released on parole in June of 2019.

“You know, failure is not an option for me this time, you know,” he told the parole panel.

Less than a year after being released, police say DeWoody is suspected of kidnapping two Acadiana women.

One of his alleged victims was found dead last week.

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