IPSB students will not have to carry clear or mesh backpacks next year


Iberia Parish students won’t have to carry clear or mesh backpacks next year. 

The board unanimously voted “no” to the policy change after local students voiced their opinions at the school board meeting Wednesday night. 

The vote was actually a revote.

On April 18th, the school unanimously decided to mandate students to carry clear or mesh backpacks. Some students went to that meeting to voice their opinion but didn’t get the opportunity to speak.

On Wednesday night, they had another chance, and they changed the school boards mind to vote no to clear or mesh backpacks. 

“They came with an appreciation that the board was willing to listen, the students made some very good points and the board said okay we are going to change our vote,” says Superintendent Dale Henderson.

He says, “Their main position was we are good kids and we make good choices, let us keep this individual right.”

Jack Granger a student at New Iberia Senior High School, spoke at the meeting saying, “Many of the students I spoke with didn’t even know that this issue was being voted on. We have opinions and thoughts on various issues, and we could be vital resources and making a logical decision that would please everyone.”

By the end of the meeting, Henderson says it was clear that students needed to be more involved in decisions that regard their everyday life. 

“Why don’t we convene a panel of teachers, administrators, and probably most importantly students. Let’s study this issue about some ways in which we can even further enhance safety and security in our schools here in Iberia Parish,” says Henderson. 

For now, the school policy won’t be changed. 

Henderson says, “It was nice that the school board could show them okay you’ve presented your case. And your voice has been heard.”

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