IOTA, La. (KLFY) After a day in the field, Iota Police Chief Damon Daigle said he was fed up from writing so many tickets to motorist.

So, he says he took to Facebook and shared his thoughts. He said this was a mistake and regrets his decision to post. Here’s the post he made:

“To all the tittie babies who think they can stop in the middle of the road. Bite me. Enjoy your tickets.”

This post has been making its way around social media from angry residents in the area, but the post wasn’t made under Daigle’s name.

He has an alias Facebook account which he dubbed in a former comment saying it was his “alternate ego.” He has since confirmed the account was his.

“Things that day just boiled over and it was, like I said, done out of frustration and I shouldn’t have done it,” Daigle said.

He said people just aren’t following the law when it comes to blocking the road in front of Iota Elementary School.

There have been several close calls with people almost crashing because traffic is backed up. The traffic is backed up from parents waiting to pick their kids up from the school.

“I’m sorry, I don’t expect to make everyone happy. I’m brash, I’m forward, I believe in getting the job done,” he said.

Last week he wrote several tickets for people impeding traffic. This is often seen with people blocking the road near the Chick-fil-la on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette.

Daigle offered an alternate solution saying if the line is too long, parents should wait near the baseball field for a few minutes and come back.

During an interview, Daigle dubbed himself the “Donald Trump of Louisiana law enforcement.”

He apologized for his post during an interview and said, “I’m not trying to divide this town, I’ve given my blood and soul to this town.”

He says he does not plan on running again for the position.