LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Today, UL Lafayette’s COVID testing vaccination site was filled with students who are receiving their first or second Pfizer vaccine.

UL senior Beck Tabor received her third vaccine. Four years ago, Tabor received a heart transplant. Before the transplant, she received all the vaccines she needed — or so she thought.

“This vaccine didn’t exist at that time so I’m taking it with my weakened immune system in the hopes of giving us a better chance to respond,” said Tabor.

At the start of the pandemic there were major concerns on whether her fragile immune system could handle the threat of the Coronavirus. In hindsight, she feels like she was already prepared. She’s lived most of her life practicing strict safety guidelines to avoid germs and illness.

“It’s a lot of the same things everyone else in theory should be doing,” said Tabor. “Handwashing, sanitizing. I’m wearing two masks. That’s something I do just to be safe.”

On campus, Tabor takes extra precaution when inside of the classroom. She also avoids any unnecessary crowds.

“It’s honestly not that different from what some other people are doing,” she said.

The university is still a part of the “Shot for $100” program where students who get vaccinated will receive a $100 gift card. The FDA fully approved the Pfizer vaccine earlier today. Talks are on the table on whether the university would mandate the vaccine. Officials say whether it’s mandated or not students who get vaccinated on campus will still receive the $100.