JEANERETTE, La. (KLFY) – A woman is dead after multiple shots hit her home and she was shot while standing in her kitchen. Reports say it happened around midnight Saturday morning.

According to Jeanerette Police Chief Dusty Vallot, there isn’t much information since it is an active investigation.

We spoke to the family of the woman who identified her as Anita Bobb of Jeanerette.

George Bobb III was Anita’s husband. “Bobby, I’m shot! They shot me and I said I’m coming.” Those were the last words he heard from his wife. Bobb says by the time he found her, she was already on the floor, gasping for air. George says she was in the kitchen preparing a benefit dinner for her sister who just recently passed away.

Anita’s step-daughter, Karnisha recalls what happened. “She was in the kitchen cooking red beans for her sister’s benefit dinner and she was on the phone with my older sister and she told her I got shot and she screamed for my daddy.”

“It’s devastating because an innocent child could’ve got killed as well. They have an elderly man that stays here. He sit on the recliner and bullets flew straight past him. He could’ve gotten hurt as well,” says Karnisha. The family says that bullets have hit their home before.

The family is pleading for the gun violence in the area to stop. “Stop the violence because there are innocent people out there. Innocent people getting killed don’t know nothing that’s going on. They killing people for nothing,” says George.

“I think that is time that everybody come together we just a little bitty town before you know it everybody’s gonna be dead if they keep killing each other,” says Karnisha. She goes on to say she has a message for whomever is responsible. “Whoever did it to come forward because she was a well-known lady. She didn’t have any enemies. Everybody loved Anita, known as Mice.”

The Jeanerette Police Department is actively following up on leads and the investigation continues.