IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY)— The Sugar Cane Festival brings festivities, food, culture and recognition of Louisiana’s sugar cane to New Iberia.

Festival board members shared how much the event means to the city.

“It’s the sweetest time of year for all of us,” Lisa Norris, president of the Sugar Cane Festival committee, said. “The city really embraces the fact that we have everything downtown to enjoy the weekend.”

The 80-year long tradition of the festival is filled with history, fun and celebration. Since it came to New Iberia, the festival brings a lot of attention to New Iberia as it marks the beginning of the harvest season.

Sugar cane farmer Eddie Lewis said the festival is a time for his community to come together.

“It is a time to bring our friends and family to kind of celebrate our culture and what we do as a sugar cane farmer,” Lewis said.

Walteen Broussard, vice president of the Sugar Cane Festival committee, said the community’s involvement in the festival is what makes it so special.

“Everybody embraces it,” Broussard said.

Since the festival moved from City Park to Downtown New Iberia in 2019, downtown businesses take a hit because they have to close down for the weekend. This is something Broussard said can be an issue, but it is all in the fun of what the festival has to offer.

“It is an impact in the community, especially downtown, but it is all in the fun and is a good weekend,” Broussard said. “Hopefully the weather works out and we can have a good time.”

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