NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) — In New Iberia, officials say speeding in school zones has become a major issue and traffic cameras will soon be installed in school zones around the city.

New Iberia Chief of Police Todd D’Albor told News 10 that this has been an issue he has noticed since the police department was brought back in 2018.

“Schools in our city have complained and residents have complained about the speeders during school zone times,” he said.

Officials also said that speeding is a problem in school zones all over the city. The city government has contracted with Blue Line Solutions to collect data to find out where and when motorists are speeding.

“The study has shown that there are more people speeding during school zone hours than during non-school zone hours,” Chief D’Albor said. “Go figure that there is a problem that we need to address.”

Blue Line Solutions has additional data that says that the presence of cameras helps slow down most motorists once installed on the streets.

“They slow down 74 percent of the cars after they are in place.”

Chief D’Albor told News 10 that this is important to maintain the safety of the community his department serves.

“One life lost is one too many,” he said. “It will take one time to say why didn’t you get aggressive in making sure that you slowed that one car down? That is what this is about.”

It will take about six to eight months for the cameras to officially be installed because studies are still underway at each school to see which locations need the cameras the most.