IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) — With the noticeable rise in fentanyl related cases in the Acadiana area, law enforcement from all over the area are cracking down on the issue before it gets out of hand.

Among those is the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Department.

“I think in the last month or so we have secured 6.1 grans of fentanyl. I mean that doesn’t sound like much but in the grand scheme of things, its a lot of potential hazards to the public being exposed to six grams of fentanyl.”

To put it into persepective, Sheriff Romero says that six grams of fentanyl is enough to kill about 6K people total.

The drug is about fifty to one hundred times more potent than morphine.

Those numbers are a cause for some concern but the sheriff does not want the public to be worried because the department is working to decrease the issue at hand.

“We want to make sure that the people of Iberia Parish are aware that it is around, not to alarm anybody, but the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Department is focused on trying to remove this deadly drug off of our streets.”

The Sheriff’s Office is maintaining the necessary safety measures to make sure the safety of the officers and the residents is a major priority.

“Our deputies are equipped with Narcan to counteract the exposure to fentanyl. our patrol officers and narcotics officers who handle this type of illegal drug are taking the necessary precautions. they are being trained continuously on the use and handling of fentanyl.

Sheriff Romero wants to remind everyone to think twice before consuming something when you do not know what is in it.